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Rihanna and Shakira in sizzling new video topless and smoke cigars Can’t Remember to Forget You

Posted on January 31, 2014

Rihanna and Shakira in sizzling new video Can’t Remember to Forget You

In this video both Rihanna and Shakira seriously, seriously, sexy.

The sizzling video shows the sizzling duo writhe round, stroke each other and smoke cigars on a bed and white striped bed.

Shakira and Rihanna
In the video Shakira and awful gal Rihanna can be seen entwined simultaneously TOPLESS as they caress each other in front of the camera.

Shakira Cant Remember to Forget you
In another, Shakira can be glimpsed rocking out with a guitar in a very dark see-through bodysuit while a red-lipped Rihanna sings to the camera.

Shakira can be seen grinding up against against a partition in a red lacy bodysuit in another shot while Rihanna does her best to comepete in a black sexy Gatsby method gown (with no skirt).

Shakira and Rihanna Cant Remember to Forget You
Both women finally ditch their apparel altogether to share a nude adopt, while another scene features Rihanna and Shakira standing close together with their arms entwined and the precious gems celebrity a breath away from kissing her companion’s cheek.
In an interview with glamour Shakira said: “I frankly considered it would never occur, she is utopia.

Shakira and Rihanna  Official Cant Remember to Forget
“She’s the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we’re both just basically Caribbean young women. The chemistry was so good and so real.”

Se the lyrics of the song :-   http://entertainmentpixel.com/videos/cant-remember-to-forget-you-lyrics-shakira-ft-rihanna/

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